The Nordic digital highway

Fiber from Berlin to the Nordics

Building a Nordic digital highway

In recent years, the Nordic countries have become home to some of the world’s largest tech companies. To meet the demands of robust infrastructure and high capacity, as well as society’s growing need for stable internet connections, GlobalConnect is deploying a 2 600 km “super fiber cable” capable of transporting all data in the Nordics.

The cable running from Northern Sweden to Berlin, is the largest digital infrastructure investment in the region for the last decade, spans over 3 countries and will act as an important digital gateway between Europe and the Nordics for decades. With this digital gateway, we want to continue attracting global tech investments to the region, for example continued establishment of data centers.

“It’s the single largest digital infrastructure investment in this country in ten years. We are future proofing our region, and it means that northern Europe will be able to continue to attract global tech investments since digital infrastructure is a key prerequisite for continued operation,” says Pär Jansson, Senior Vice President GlobalConnect Carrier.

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Introducing the “Super mega fiber cable”

The Digital Highway runs from Berlin, Germany, through to Bornholm, Denmark, onwards through Öland, Gotland and Stockholm, and further north via Luleå to the northern parts of Europe. The cable is 2600 km long and features 5 unique subsea cables in the Baltic Sea.

The fiber cable can transport all data currently being produced in that Nordics. That is roughly 1 million simultaneous Netflix streams. This type of digital highway is essential to transport large amounts of data in-and-out and throughout the Nordics, connecting the entire region to the rest of the world.

The cable is 2600 km long and features 5 unique subsea cables in the Baltic sea.

Introducing the

The benefit for the Nordic Region

The super fiber cable will future-proof and strengthen the digital infrastructure in our region. It caters for a more robust digital infrastructure with more options (more paths) to route traffic, more secure connectivity, and better conditions for more digital services. On the stretch down to Berlin, we try to connect everything that works, e.g. cater for the national 5G rollout, regional businesses, and residents.

With improved digital infrastructure, the fiber cable will also give municipalities better conditions for new establishments, which increases competitiveness and results in better prices for end consumers. In the long run, it also means that the entire region gets a more robust digital infrastructure, safer connection, and even better conditions for more digital services.

The benefit for the Nordic Region

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