North Sea Energy Island

A hub for green energy and digitization

Building the world’s first artificial energy island

Climate change requires new and ambitious solutions – like the world’s first artificial energy island, which will soon be established in the North Sea, approximately 100km off the west coast of Denmark.

The energy island will collect enormous amounts of green energy from adjacent offshore wind farms, which will be distributed to the electricity grid in Denmark and into Europe.

It is the beginning of a new era in offshore wind energy production, where energy islands will play a crucial part in phasing out fossil fuels and accelerating the green transformation.

The Danish government has not yet chosen who will build the energy island, which will be Denmark’s largest ever construction project, finished in 2030.

An innovative island in constant development
A bidding consortium consisting of renewable energy company Ørsted and Denmark’s largest pension and processing company ATP are joining forces with GlobalConnect in the vision of building more than just an island; an innovative energy island that can become a hub and a foundation in the continued digitization of Northern Europe while attracting global tech investments to the region.

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10 GW

wind power will be generated by the island, powering 10M households

25 %

yearly increase in data volumes in Europe

70 %

of all data in and out of the Nordics flows through GlobalConnect’s network

A digital hub in the middle of the North Sea

The world is generating data like never before, as more devices than ever are talking with each other and the cloud.

As a result, the world’s total data volumes are expected to double by 2025.

This massive increase will require tremendous capacity and expansion of the infrastructure transporting data between countries, and a smart energy island offers a natural intersection for this grid in the North Sea region, while also being a reliable source of renewable energy to power digitization across society.

A digital hub in the middle of the North Sea

Attractive island for global tech investments

The Nordic countries have long been an attractive hub for innovation, digitization and for carrying data across the globe.

In recent years, the Nordics have become home to some of the world’s largest tech companies due to its well-developed infrastructure and cool climate, which supports natural cooling of data centers.

By adding connectivity to the North Sea Energy Island, it will serve as a digital hub, making Denmark centrally placed to attract investments in two of the most significant growth industries globally: renewable energy and digital infrastructure.

GlobalConnect has the most extensive high-capacity fiber network and experience in Northern Europe, with more than 100,000 km of fiber across the region, meeting the demands of tech giants.

Attractive island for global tech investments

A future-proof and innovative island

The consortium Ørsted + ATP propose to build a future-proof island in constant development that never runs out of room for innovation.

Right from the beginning, the island must be ready for a yet unknown technological future.

This requires a secure and resilient digital infrastructure, delivered by GlobalConnect.

A future-proof and innovative island

“We are very excited to share the vision with Ørsted + ATP to build a smart energy island that strengthens the Nordic’s position as an attractive hub for transporting data across the world while providing a unique attraction to global tech giants.”

Martin Lippert, Group CEO, GlobalConnect

More about the island

The North Sea Energy Island is not an ordinary island. It marks a new era in the green transition; a new way of collecting and distributing green power.

It’s the first time in history that an artificial island will be constructed to supply renewable energy to several countries.

Learn more about the partnership between GlobalConnect and Ørsted + ATP.