GlobalConnect accelerates efforts in sustainability – joins the UN Global Compact initiative

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GlobalConnect Group has decided to join the United Nations’ Global Compact program, pledging to align its operations and strategies with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles that address human rights, labor law, environment and anti-corruption. GlobalConnect will also take strategic actions to contribute to societal goals such as the UN global goals for sustainable development. GlobalConnect will annually send a report to the UN Global Compact regarding the company’s progress.

“Committing to the UNGC is an important step in GlobalConnect’s Sustainability journey, as we are aligning and working actively to meet our customers’ needs and become better as a company through international standards” says Eric Elzvik, ESG Champion at GlobalConnect.

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest initiative for sustainable business, with a local presence through national networks in approximately 70 countries. The worldwide network includes more than 14,000 companies and 3,000 organizations from more than 160 countries.

“We are very happy that GlobalConnect has chosen to join the UN Global Compact and are welcoming them to the work of integrating our Ten Principles in their operations. By doing so, participating companies not only take their fundamental responsibility to humans and the environment; they also lay the foundations for long-term and successful operations which contributes to the UN Global Goals” says Philip Thormark, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Sweden.

GlobalConnect’s sustainability efforts are led by Johanna Olesen and Sofia Lisa Dinesen. The company has also appointed its Chairman of the Board, Eric Elzvik as its ESG ambassador to ensure GlobalConnect is being governed and steered in a sustainable way, and that its work and progress is being carefully monitored.