GlobalConnect Group enters underdeveloped Finnish fiber-to-the-home market after successful pilot

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Digital infrastructure provider, GlobalConnect Group, expands its Northern European footprint by entering the Finnish fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) market. A pilot project with the objective to explore the Finnish market was initiated in the Helsinki region during 2022. The pilot was a success, as several thousand Finns signed up for fiber-based broadband, resulting in GlobalConnect now fully entering the Finnish market with the ambition to bring on an additional 30,000 customers in 2023.

Having operated under the radar for some time, GlobalConnect has now officially entered Finland, offering fiber-based broadband to consumers living in a country with only 40% fiber coverage, to be compared to 93% in Sweden, 74% in Norway and 70% in Denmark. This makes Finland the country with the lowest fiber penetration in the Nordics.

“We have studied the Finnish market closely for some time now. It is apparent that there is significant untapped potential in Finland, plus it fits very well into our strategy, utilizing our existing fiber network as much as possible. By entering Finland, we now have an FTTH offering in all our markets, to go with a strong and diverse enterprise offering, which means that all parts of society in our operating countries can reap the benefits of our connectivity services and our extensive fiber network”, says Martin Lippert, CEO, GlobalConnect Group.

GlobalConnect brings its experience from large-scale fiber rollouts in Sweden, Norway and since 2020 in Denmark and 2021 in Northern Germany. In addition to the Finnish FTTH pilot, GlobalConnect has operated on the Finnish market for several years, delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions to enterprises. GlobalConnect also owns and operates the Åland based fiber-to-the-home provider IP Connect.

“Finland has a well-developed mobile network, resulting in many Finns being dependent on mobile based broadband solutions, rather than connectivity through a fiber optic network. We believe that fiber will be the foundation to all current and future connectivity and that the current situation in Finland is not sustainable, given the increasing demand and importance of network robustness and data capacity across society”, says Charlotta Rehman, Executive Vice President B2C, GlobalConnect Group.

In Q4, 2022, GlobalConnect signed several letters of intent with Finnish contractors, ensuring a strong foundation for the upcoming expansion.

Today, GlobalConnect connects more than 725,000 homes across the region, utilizing its expansive 150,000 km fiber network. The northern European connectivity player will continue to ramp up the Finnish rollout the coming years, with the ambition to take Finland on the same fiber journey as its neighboring Nordic countries.