GlobalConnect Group rapidly accelerated its fiber expansion for Northern Europe in Q4

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With close to 10,000 km new fiber built in 2021, GlobalConnect keeps expanding its fiber network across all its markets in Northern Europe. Only in the last quarter, GlobalConnect reached several milestones and announced numerous ambitious initiatives, making GlobalConnect one of Europe’s fastest growing digital infrastructure providers. 

This quarter, GlobalConnect clarified its position, having the largest interconnected fiber network in the Nordics. While its fiber footprint has expanded with 10.9%, so has the group’s FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) customer base, now amounting to 420,000 customers connected, an 11.8% increase compared to Q4 2020. In addition, the datacenters throughout the group now mounts a total of 30 000 square meters, catering for robust cloud services and the continuously increasing international demand for high capacity.

This quarter, GlobalConnect also initiated several key initiatives throughout its four markets, such as the rollout of a digital highway from northern Sweden to Berlin and GlobalConnect acquisition of Telenor Sweden’s FTTH fiber assets and communications operator Open Universe. GlobalConnect also entered the FTTH market of Northern Germany with the initial ambition of connecting 10,000 homes. The first 100+ customers are now connected, but the rollout, offering end-consumers fiber-based broadband through its existing network infrastructure, continues in 2022.

“The milestones we have achieved during the last quarter really show that GlobalConnect has become a major international connectivity challenger, and one of Europe’s fastest growing digital infrastructure providers. We keep expanding our customer base, acquiring important assets from local competitors, as well as entering new markets. We are on a growth trajectory, we intend to continue in 2022”, says Martin Lippert, Group CEO, GlobalConnect.

GlobalConnect Q4 achievements Digital Highway – LINK GlobalConnect acquires OpenUniverse and Telenor Sweden SDU units – LINK

GlobalConnect in numbers, YTD November 2021 vs same period 2020 Total fiber: 93 591 km (+10.9%) Homes connected: 420 000 (+11.%) Homes passed: ~600 000 Datacenters: 30 000 sqm (+11.1%)

Contact: Kamran Alemdar Group CMO, Marketing & Communications

About GlobalConnect Group GlobalConnect Group is one of the leading digital infrastructure and data communication providers in Northern Europe. The Group delivers end-to-end solutions across its own infrastructure consisting of 93,600 kilometers fiber network and 30,000 sqm data center space in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Finland. GlobalConnect Group employs approximately 1,700 people, has 30,000 B2B customers and connects more than 420,000 private households with a high-capacity fiber network. GlobalConnect Group is the result of 2019 and 2020 mergers between Broadnet, GlobalConnect and IP-Only. In the B2C segment, the group operates under the brands IP-Only, HomeNet and Onefiber, while operating as GlobalConnect in the B2B segment across all its markets. GlobalConnect Group is owned by global investment organization EQT, one of Europe’s largest infrastructure investors.