GlobalConnect launches international carrier

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GlobalConnect is introducing GlobalConnect Carrier, a new business unit targeting tech giants with high capacity needs (hyperscalers), carriers and system integrators. With an international scale across Northern Europe, GlobalConnect Carrier is a one-stop-shop for all connectivity needs.

“The new GlobalConnect Group was born at the beginning of the year and our new business unit GlobalConnect Carrier shows the benefits of being one company, with a seamless, complete Northern European offer. The wholesale market is growing faster than the end user market, and with GlobalConnect Carrier we have the ability and knowledge to become a one-stop-shop for the biggest tech giants, carriers, and system integrators”, says CEO of GlobalConnect, Martin Lippert.

GlobalConnect Carrier´s ambition is to become the preferred carrier in Northern Europe. The new business unit already have a strong, successful and satisfied client base to build on, which now can be served even better.

“Although GlobalConnect Carrier offer services across Northern Europe, we will have a strong local presence, with experts in each country who know their market and understand the obstacles on their road to success, but who also know how to solve problems by drawing on the expertise of people throughout our organization. The carrier business was the starting point for both GlobalConnect and IP-Only, which merger combined two strong networks into one, removing borders for clients. With this new business unit, we are focusing on the core area of our business”, says Regina Donato Dahlstrøm, CEO of GlobalConnect Carrier.

The Nordics is one of the connectivity hot spots in the world with high capacity growth driven by traffic flowing through the Nordics from Asia and Russia to key hubs such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London. In addition, hyperscalers are investing heavily in largescale data centers in the region with high capacity needs.

“By having the best network reach in the Nordics, GlobalConnect Carrier has a unique position. Our clients will experience one contact, one solution and one company, regardless of whether they need our help in northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Finland. Our network covers the entire region, including important hubs like Frankfurt and Amsterdam. We see great customer opportunities and GlobalConnect Carrier can rapidly grow its infrastructure according to customer demands”, says Martin Lippert.

GlobalConnect Carrier will have offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, and Berlin. The new business unit has 350 clients across Northern Europe, offering a full suite of carrier services including long haul, accesses (ETH/DIA), dark fiber, housing (DC and telco), content distribution network and infrastructure solutions. With access to more than 74.500 kilometers of fiber, 3300 access nodes, and more than 27.000 square meters of space in 16 datacenters, GlobalConnect Carrier is well equipped to be the carrier of choice.

GlobalConnect Carrier will continue to invest in infrastructure and to expand its network. Both regarding a backbone perspective as well as granular access network in the region, and at the same time through geographical expansion where GlobalConnect Carrier aim to strengthen its presence in the major European hubs.