GlobalConnect restructures organization to accelerate growth ambitions

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To accelerate the execution of growth ambitions and further strengthen collaboration across the Group, leading digital infrastructure and data communication provider GlobalConnect introduces a new organizational design.

The new organization will be structured around GlobalConnect’s strategic key areas; that is, B2B, B2C, NetCo as well as Finance.

GlobalConnect Group is the result of 2019 and 2020 mergers between Norwegian Broadnet, Danish GlobalConnect and Swedish IP-Only. The new organizational structure is the natural final step towards working as one company across all markets (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Finland), moving away from a largely country-centred organizational structure.

“We have the right strategy, which we have successfully delivered on for the past few years. Our current organization has served us well up until this point, but as we enter the next phase, we will deliver even faster on our ambitious growth plans. Unified B2B and B2C organizations across our markets secure fast and aligned decision-making which allows us to continue the momentum. Our comprehensive cross-border fiber network gives us a unique position in Northern Europe, and our new organization is designed to deliver on our ambition to connect all parts of society with future-proof connectivity services,” says Martin Lippert, Group CEO, GlobalConnect.

Changes in leadership Designing the organization around cross-border strategic key areas will add a layer to the management team between CEO Martin Lippert and the existing Executive Leadership Team. The responsibility and mandate of the Executive Leadership Team remain unchanged.

Members of the new Corporate Leadership Team:

With the new organization, some leaders will move to a new role in the Executive Leadership Team, and some will join: Yan Zheng, Director of Digital Solutions, Brynjar Andersen, Director of B2C Norway, Kamran Alemdar, Chief Marketing Officer, and Henrik Hammarström, Director of B2B Sweden will stay in their current roles in the Executive Leadership Team.

“I am extremely proud to introduce GlobalConnect’s updated leadership team. I’d especially like to say welcome to the new members of our leadership, who all bring exactly the experience and competencies we need to deliver on our strsategy and growth ambitions,” says Martin Lippert, Group CEO, GlobalConnect.

Some members of leadership have chosen to leave GlobalConnect to pursue opportunities elsewhere. They are:

“Each have had an important stake in GlobalConnect’s journey, and I would like to thank them for their contributions on behalf of the entire leadership team. They have made a real difference for our business, our customers, and our people. I fully respect their decision to use the opportunity to seek new challenges, and I wish them the best of luck,” says Martin Lippert, Group CEO, GlobalConnect.

Most of GlobalConnect’s employees will experience no changes from the restructure. The new organization will be in effect on January 1st, 2023.