IP-Only Enterprise becomes GlobalConnect

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The Swedish B2B provider of fiber based data communication services, IP-Only Enterprise, changes its name to GlobalConnect, creating a unified B2B brand across the GlobalConnect group.  IP-Only’s fiber-to-the-home consumer business, will continue operating under the IP-Only brand in Sweden. The name change will be implemented on September 21, 2020.

On November 21, 2019 the plan to merge GlobalConnect and Swedish IP-Only was announced. By February 3, 2020 GlobalConnect and IP-Only began operating as one joint company, becoming a leading digital infrastructure provider across Northern Europe, with comprehensive national and cross-border fiber networks. With GlobalConnect also becoming the company name in Sweden, the group will operate under the same name in the entire region; Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

“Simplicity is key,” says CEO of GlobalConnect, Martin Lippert. “With GlobalConnect as our common brand in the B2B sector, we ensure that our customers recognize us as one company throughout the region. We will continue to build new and customer centric services under the GlobalConnect brand, making our offerings and deliverables more unified and coordinated. We will also continue to build on the success we have in the B2C market by leveraging our consumer brands, IP-Only in Sweden and HomeNet in Norway.”

A true Nordic brand

GlobalConnect now represents a joint Nordic company with the ambition to be the leading provider of digital infrastructure in Northern Europe. The new GlobalConnect is the only supplier that can meet the growing demand from national and international companies for stable and secure end-to-end connections across Northern Europe, as well as the growth in fiber supply to private homes.

“Our goal is to ensure that our customers realize their digital ambitions faster. We will simplify the digital transformation for our customers through new, innovative solutions”, says Martin Lippert.

About GlobalConnectGlobalConnect is a leading technology and data communication provider in Northern Europe. The Group delivers end-to-end solutions from fiber to cloud based on its own infrastructure consisting of 74,500 kilometers fiber network and 22 data centers with a total of 27,000 sqm in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Northern Germany. GlobalConnect has 28,000 B2B customers and provides high capacity fiber access to 302,000 homes in Sweden and Norway through the brands IP-Only and Homenet. GlobalConnect has 1,700 employees and revenues of EUR 547 million in 2019.