Microsoft Operator Connect

Integrate your Teams usage with the Public telephone network

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With Microsoft Operator Connect from GlobalConnect, you can integrate public telephone services with your existing Microsoft Teams environment and open up new possibilities for smooth, safe and effective communications.

Microsoft Operator Connect enables you to use Teams as your full telephone system. Through a dedicated and direct connections to Microsoft, through GlobalConnects redundant network, Operator Connect offers the possibility to make high quality calls to the public telephone network.


All Microsoft 365 packages offer the possibility for Microsoft Teams users to make calls within the Teams solution, through VoIP. To enable calls to and from the Public telephone network, you will need specific licenses. Operator Connect enables a function to through secure paths carry your calls to the public network. To use Operator Connect you will need Microsoft Teams with E1 or E3 license together with a Phone systems addon or an E5 license. These will enable you to call seamlessly to the public network from Microsoft Teams.

Direct Routing gives you the flexibility to integrate your existing telephone solution with Microsoft Teams. It also allows integration with several other critical communication functions, for example Session Border Controller technology and Callcenter functions.

In comparison with Operator Connect , Direct Routing gives you somewhat more flexibility, which makes it an excellent choice for third party integrations, network adaptions or complex and firmly regulated environments.

Operator Connect is a simple third option to choose from when you decide to move to Teams.

Operator Connect allows administrators to easily through their admin account to choose a service provider and administrate telephone numbers anytime.

Operator Connect works best for organizations without complex demands and who are ready to sacrifice the flexibility of Direct Routing in favor of simplicity.

In the left view of the navigation pane in Teams admin center, go to VOICE , Operator Connect, choose GlobalConnect from the provider list.

In this step you will be sent to the compliance page where you choose which countries and services that match your needs. You will be asked to add your contact information and accept the GDPR information before you can add GlobalConnect as your operator.

You must then choose “ add as my provider” to save.