Meet our employees

“Made for the mission”

Ali Karbalaei
Cyber Security Analyst (SE)


I’ve been part of GlobalConnect since late 2018. I previously worked in the IT service and operations department, and now I am currently with our security organization. My top focus is on making sure our IT environment is secure and well-protected. Working at GlobalConnect has been a great opportunity for me, both in terms of personal growth and because I could take on a new security role.

How did you find yourself here?
For me, I just love computers, technology and every device that is somewhat digitally connected. It’s been my passion for years, and that passion eventually led me to GlobalConnect. For me with technology, there’s no end. I just want to learn more all the time. “Computer stuff” may be boring to some people, but not for me. We all have our different passions.

Why is security such an important part of the business?
GlobalConnect has an almost 100,000-kilometer fiber network, the backbone many countries’ digital infrastructure. We are digitizing Northern Europe, and our fiber network has become a core pillar of Nordic society. But having a vast critical infrastructure also puts a target on our back, and every day we are faced with new security challenges that we need to mitigate in order to protect our connected customers and network.

How would you describe the culture in GlobalConnect?
At GlobalConnect, we have so many amazing and capable people working hard, making sure we uphold the best possible standard of service to our end-customers. I feel privileged to be part of that. The culture is truly open and friendly, with everyone striving to become better and stronger.