Meet our employees

“Connecting it all together”

Claus Jensen
Field engineer (DK)


I started working for GlobalConnect as an external Field Engineer back in 2005. It was during the start-up phase installing fiber optic cables on the Danish island of Funen and I was doing ordinary splicing-jobs, connecting fiber ends together. But as the fiber footprint grew and became more common in bigger cities, I started connecting new customers to the existing network. Before long, I was the only field engineer on Funen working on the GC network, even though I was an external consultant.

Over the next few years, I started to see myself becoming a GC employee. Many of my GC colleagues also saw me as a “GC guy”. Luckily in 2013, I was offered the opportunity to become a part of the GC family. There was no doubt in my mind about saying yes.

You mentioned the GlobalConnect family, what do you mean by that?
When I say GC family it needs to be taken literally. One of the coolest things I’ve seen is the way people act towards each other here. There are no employees that are more important than others. It is like a big family. I still feel that way, even though we are a much bigger company today than we were when I first joined.

What are your areas of responsibility today?
I have many different jobs to do at GC. But basically, it´s my job to connect new customers to the network and do troubleshooting if a customer has problems with their connection. But I’m also happy to be a part of an expert team, as we make sure to efficiently maintain and build our fiber optic network. When you have many external field engineers helping us out every day, like I used to be, it´s important to have strict rules and guidelines on how to work with the network, so everything is done correctly and consistently. We also educate internal and external field engineers.

What’s the best part of working for GC?
When I go home from work, I usually feel that I have achieved something. Either I have made a new customer happy by connecting them to our network, or I have solved a problem for an existing customer. I´m also satisfied with maintaining and developing our network on a daily basis.

We have customers in many different categories: from the smallest company with only two employees to the largest data center with heavy traffic running through every second. Therefore, we need to be focused no matter what the problem is. We never know how many customers could be affected at any moment. One minute downtime is one minute too many.

I love being a part of a constantly growing company that is aware of the importance to roll out more and more fiberoptic cables and offer high-speed internet to everybody. And I am the one connecting it all together.