Meet our employees

“Helping others be successful”

Helena Bergstrand
Head of Projects Consumer (SE)


I’ve overseen the PMO function within B2C since Oct 2020, focusing on managing post-merger integrations and other cross-functional change and improvement programs. My team is also involved in prioritization of IT development for B2C.

GlobalConnect is a very dynamic and fast-paced company. I have a great team and very inspiring colleagues. I really appreciate the informal workstyle and progressive owners.

How long have you been in this industry and how did you get your start?
I’ve worked in the telecommunications industry about 13 years. Telco has been a very interesting and developing industry over the last two decades and I think that’s the reason I’ve never felt the need to leave.

What are your strengths as a leader and what are the keys to being a successful one?
I’d say my biggest strengths are my analytical and solution-oriented capabilities. I also think I offer clear and crisp communication along with the ability to delegate and be engaging.

I think all good leaders make others successful and communicate in a clear and concrete manner. It’s also important to engage your staff and cooperate with fellow leaders. Good leaders drive decisions and develop an engaging vision that can be understood by teams built with thought and understanding of the businesses’ operations. I also believe strong teamwork is essential to success.

What in GC inspires you on a daily basis?
The most inspiring aspects of my work are the people and all the incoming challenges; there is never a dull moment. Also, providing connectivity is important for society in a concrete and tangible way. It’s inspiring to work for an open organization that makes quick decisions and has a positive, optimistic outlook.

What is on the agenda right now?
The M&A team is doing great; we are very happy to be quite busy with integrations, while also preparing for this year’s subsidy program.