Meet our employees

“Spirited leadership”

Johan Andersson
Head of CDN Development (SE)


I, along with most of my team, joined GlobalConnect a few years ago, when the service we provided was acquired from another company and merged into GlobalConnect. I now manage a team of developers building services to provide streaming media at scale to our customers’ end-users. It’s a varied role where we get to tackle fun and interesting technical challenges every day.

What is the best thing about working with the streaming service? Why is it important?

It’s fun and important. There is a clear and present trend, with the market shifting away from traditional broadcast distribution and into streaming. We get to provide the infrastructure that allows you to binge the next season of your favorite show. It’s still a relatively new business area so there is a lot of development going on, both technically and in market, and that really keeps it all interesting. It also carries an environmental footprint challenge that allows me to brag about how GlobalConnect is best in class.

How is GlobalConnect best in class in this aspect?

I’m thinking about our commitments towards providing our services while still being environmentally responsible. Our streaming and network services are provided from highly efficient data center facilities that run on 100% renewable energy across the Nordics.

How would you describe your leadership?

As a leader, I try to be humble and transparent by facilitating good communication and keeping a pragmatic approach. I have a range of great colleagues in my team and I feel we are a spirited group, allowing us to achieve our highly ambitious goals.

Finally, what in GC inspires you on a daily basis?

In all parts of the organization, we’re building something. It may be the next generation network service, a happy customer base or a new employee health incentive, but no matter what it is we are not resting on our laurels here!