Meet our employees

“The happy accident”

Marie Skouenborg
Head of Strategy & Business Development (DK)


I joined GlobalConnect in March 2018, just before the big mergers happened (GlobalConnect, Broadnet and IP-Only). Since then I have worked as a senior manager in the delivery organization, technical product management and for the last couple of years, as a leader with our new suite of connectivity products. It’s great to work for a company where you have so many opportunities to change, adapt and develop your role; but also to focus and go where your passions are and where you know you can make a difference.

What made you choose the telco industry?
I ended up in the telco industry 15 years ago, but it was a bit by accident. However, I feel lucky to have stumbled into it because I found an environment of dedicated people who are never afraid to learn new things, determined to improve their ways of working, and who value you by the work you do, not by your title.

What’s the most important aspect of your job?
As I leader, I see myself as a support function to everyone in my organization. I have a responsibility to create a fertile workplace for them where they can grow, use their strengths, fail, learn, and succeed – all while having fun. To achieve that, I believe it’s paramount to listen and care, as well as place trust in the people you work with. We have some of the best people in the industry working at GlobalConnect, and it is a constant pleasure to be a part of that.

But there is also the responsibility as a manager to make sure that people are well and take care of themselves. With the global pandemic, the last two years have truly put an emphasis on being very attentive to how circumstances outside of work can affect our jobs. It has also presented us with new ways to create team spirit and warmth, even if we can’t meet up physically.

What’s your top focus in 2022?
Currently, every moment of my time is spent on managed, end-to-end connectivity. It is the next step for us as a company and the telco industry, where we move away from complex and technical products and towards offering customers what they need: dependable, secure end-to-end connectivity between their employees and the applications they use.

Our customers don’t care what three-letter acronym we put on it; they want to run their business without bad WIFI, slow networks or bottlenecks in the solutions. It is a big step, both for us and for our existing customers, to let go of the traditional piece-by-piece products like MPLS, EPL and WIFI, and instead sell complete, holistic solutions. But there is no doubt that it brings so much more value to the customer in the long run. And finally, I am certain that the GlobalConnect culture of “Get Shit Done” will make it happen.